We do professional ear & nose Piercing.

V Square Hygienic Tattoo Studio  is proud to introduce the best of Surgery graded stainless Steel  & gold studs from the top manufacturer STUDEX  . We only sell the highest quality Studs available. It is made from the finest metals and it is Allergy free, Gentle to the skin and USFDA approved.


Baby Piercing

We do not permit to use Your OWN Personal Jewelry for Baby Ear Piercing Service.

​The Jewelry Selected for Services is Professionally Sterilized and packed at an USFDA Approved Medical Sterilization Facility. The Sterile Packaging is Lot Numbered & Documented. Baby Ear Piercing Service Procedures are Always Aseptic and We use disposable piercing gun for babies along with High Quality studs which is allergy free and gentle to the ears. Your baby can have their Ears Pierced after 2 months old and up. 


Belly Piercing

We have experienced male and female piercers who does Belly piercing they are highly trained in anatomy, aesthetics and all aspects of aseptic technique to prevent cross contamination.