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Laser Tattoo Removal 

V Square Hygienic tattoos is the largest specialized provider of laser tattoo removal in Hyderabad. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here to guide you through your entire tattoo removal process. The first appointment will be a no-commitment consultation. At this time, we will get to know you and your tattoo(s). One of our skilled removal specialists will evaluate your tattoos and determine the number of sessions that will be required to achieve the best results.

How Getting a Tattoo Works

To understand how tattoo removal works, you must also understand how getting a tattoo works. Once tattoo ink is logged into the middle layer of your skin, your body’s immune system sends white blood cells to the tattooed area to pull out as many ink particles as possible. Larger particles that the cells could not break down are left behind leaving the tattoo design. Over time, those cells break the larger particles down which causes natural fading.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoo removal works by breaking apart those larger ink particles layer by layer. Your body’s white blood cells can then carry away the smaller broken down particles quicker. With time and continued sessions, a tattoo can be completely removed.

Laser Tattoo Removal Timeline

A typical tattoo takes about 3 – 12 treatments, spaced 2 – 8 weeks apart, to remove.

Factors that Affect Tattoo Removal


Living an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking or vaping, and allowing direct sun exposure to the treated area can reduce your body’s ability to remove the ink.

General Health

Chronic health conditions and being sick are your immune system’s priority to fix. This can reduce the speed at which the ink is removed from your skin.


As you age, your metabolism and immune system slow down. Younger or more active immune systems will remove ink faster.

Tattoo Location

Tattoos in high blood flow areas can be removed faster than those located further from the circulatory system.

Ink color

The color of your ink and skin tone will play a factor in the removal outcome.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone can impact the laser removal outcome and may determine the laser settings your technician uses.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Tips

Having laser tattoo removal done by a professional is just one step in your tattoo removal journey. To ensure safe and effective treatment, take steps to keep your skin healthy post laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removal aftercare is essential for achieving the best results. 

It’s crucial to take a holistic approach to health when it comes to tattoo removal care. We’ll share some expert recommendations on keeping your body and skin healthy as you undergo tattoo removal. By following these guidelines on aftercare for tattoo removal, you may see results faster as well.

At Removery, we want to make sure that you get the best results from your laser removal treatment. Following your session, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Instructions

Let’s take a detailed look at what aftercare for laser tattoo removal involves. By following these instructions, you’ll jumpstart the laser tattoo removal healing process.

1.     Keep the tattoo removal area clean and dry for the first three days.

2.     After tattoo removal, using an ointment like hydrocortisone cream will help to reduce inflammation. Vitamin E Oil can also heal damaged skin cells. You can find these post tattoo removal ointments right at your local supermarket or drugstore. These ointments can also make your skin less itchy, meaning you’ll be less tempted to scratch the affected area, which is a definite no!

3.     If any blisters develop that are larger than a dime, use a sterilized lancet to poke a small hole at the base of the blister to let it drain. Use an over-the-counter antibacterial ointment or cream to keep the area moisturized and speed healing. As the area is now considered an open wound.

Follow these laser tattoo removal aftercare instructions to keep your skin as healthy as possible throughout the removal process. Additionally, speak with your tattoo removal specialist for specific guidance on tattoo removal aftercare. Great post laser tattoo removal skincare will hasten healing and deliver the best results!

Common Side Effects of Tattoo Removal

Minor side effects are extremely common post tattoo removal. If you see any of the following side effects, don’t be alarmed:

If you experience more severe symptoms like serious pain, that may be cause for concern. Speak with your tattoo removal specialist right away if any alarming side effects occur.

What to Avoid After Laser Tattoo Removal

Make sure you’re not inadvertently harming your healing skin. These tips on what to steer clear of will help ensure a smooth healing process:

How to Speed Up the Tattoo Removal Healing Process

You’re probably eager to see your skin healing as quickly as possible, and we completely understand your desire to speed up the process. Boosting your body’s overall health will help the area treated with laser removal to heal more quickly. 

For the best results, follow all of these tattoo removal aftercare tips consistently throughout the entire removal process, which takes place over multiple sessions spaced at least six weeks apart. It’s critical to keep your body and skin in optimal health throughout that time—starting from the very first session. These steps will help you to kickstart the laser tattoo removal healing process immediately after leaving the clinic. 

Maintain a Healthy Immune System

Caring for tattoos after laser removal means boosting your body’s overall health. In other words, keeping your immune system strong is a vital part of tattoo removal aftercare.

Why? Your laser session is just the first step of the process. Afterward, your body has to work hard to flush out the ink and regenerate new skin. White blood cells rush in to remove the ink that the laser removal process has shattered into tiny particles, flushing them out of the skin. Here are some tips for strengthening your immune system, benefiting your healing and overall health. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water will improve your circulation, bringing lots of those white blood cells to the affected area. This will ramp up both ink removal and skin repair, helping your skin heal as efficiently as possible!

Eat Clean

Eat healthy foods that give your body lots of nutrition. This will give your body the fuel to regenerate healthy skin cells. Eat lots of veggies and choose lean proteins to provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to regenerate. 

Make sure you’re eating regular meals, too. (Don’t skip breakfast!) 


Though you need to avoid intense exercise for the first day or so, regular exercise is essential for a healthy immune system. Thus, it’s an essential element of tattoo removal aftercare. Exercise strengthens each of the body’s systems, which can then work together more effectively. When each system is healthy, none of them is demanding too much help from the immune system, which could take away valuable resources from the healing skin. 

Proper tattoo removal aftercare will lead to optimal healing. We commend you on your desire to keep your skin and body healthy, and your specialist will support you by answering any questions you have about the healing process.

Book your free tattoo removal consultation to start the conversation, and one of our specialists will be in touch! They’ll answer all your questions on aftercare for tattoo removal and other topics from “,How many sessions to remove a tattoo?” to “,Will tattoo removal hurt?”

Tattoo Removal Price Guide

To calculate the price we measure the tattoo and subtract any negative space in the design to determine the size.

When you purchase a complete tattoo removal package we will continue to treat your tattoo until all removable ink is gone regardless of the number of sessions or time it takes.